Concrete Freeform Pools 

If you’re looking for a pool that doesn’t conform to the traditional geometric style, installing concrete freeform pools may be the perfect option for you and your family. A Freeform pool provides a more relaxed and natural look. This can be achieved with gentle curves; the clever use of angles, natural rock or stone built features, stone pavers, and carefully planned lighting.

Concrete Freeform Pools are built generally to mirror a natural lagoon pool or small oasis. Freeform pools have the perfect balance, providing you the ability maintain an active lifestyle or have a fun family pool, whilst at the same time being a relaxing natural & inviting retreat, all without having to leave home. 

Submerged rock ledges, beach swim outs, rolled coping edges and dramatic waterfalls are often incorporated to freeform pools to complement the naturalistic style and create stunning visual points in the pool zone. Grottos and spas can be incorporated into your design to provide you an intimate relaxing retreat.

Our engineered concrete freeform pools are designed and built to last.  All this means that you and your family can enjoy your pool for many years to come.

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