Concrete Plunge Pools Perth

Do you have a block with restricted space or just want a pool for a refreshing dip leaving room for other activities? Concrete plunge pools are a great solution; they are the perfect width and depth for splashing around whilst not taking over your outdoor area.

If it’s just for cooling down in the heat of the Perth summers or if you do not have much in the way of space – you will be surprised at where we can fit a plunge pool within your property.

The smaller size of plunge pools is made up for by the customisable features that can be integrated into the construction of your pool.  The innovative use of jets to give you an endless current to swim against, or a soothing spa; submerged benching for relaxation with family or friends, and heating elements can transform any plunge pool from an exercise pool to a relaxing spa pool.

By constructing a concrete pool, you are able to maximise the available space. A concrete plunge pool can even be constructed from the edge of the house to the property boundary ensuring clever, practical use of tight and restricted areas.

Pools by Design have built many concrete plunge pools in areas where a fibreglass pool was not a viable or preferred option due to the the limitations of available space on the property, taste of the client or the engineering solutions required.

If you think a concrete plunge pool may be right for you or if you just want to make an enquiry, call us on (08) 9205 3888 or click here to start creating your new pool today.