Swimming Pool Heating

Western Australia is known for its long summer season and installing heating in your pool can mean an even longer swimming season. Pools by Design can tailor a swimming pool heating system to suit your needs, whether that be minimal cost or year-round swimming.

Electric Heat Pumps

The swimming pool Heat Pump for  has been designed to heat your swimming pool using electricity. Based on the same principles employed in air conditioners and refrigerators, the  Heat Pump extracts the latent heat that exists in the atmosphere around us and delivers it directly into the swimming pool water. Modern Heat pumps can deliver a  Coefficient of Performance (COP) of up to 8,  meaning for every 1 KW of electrical energy input you get 8KW of heat energy output!  The temperature of the pool is maintained 24 hours a day, it can be reduced when the pool is not in use and in some models can actually cool the pool if it becomes too warm – ideal for tropical climates. 

Solar Heating

Solar heating is a popular heating option for pool owners wanting to heat their pool for a relatively low capital cost.  This is perfect for recreational swimmers, providing a warm pool to enjoy during the warmer summer months. Solar heating systems provide a consistent temperature during summer and variable temperature rises during spring and autumn.

Gas Heating

Many people would like their pool or spa to be a warm oasis throughout the year. Modern gas heaters  utilise revolutionary technology to heat your pool quickly and accurately to the temperature you select, meaning you can enjoy your new pool no matter what time of year. Heat on demand technology can save approximately 20% on operating costs over a conventional gas heater.

woodlands swimming pool heating for pool spa combo