Residential Concrete Pools

Do you want a pool that makes an impact? One that stands out for the quality of its finish and is custom-designed to complement and blend with its surroundings? Choose a Concrete Pool by Pools by Design!

Why settle for a standard “out of the box” pool shape. Whatever size or shape you want, we can customize your concrete pool into something bespoke and unique. A pool that not only entertains but one that actually adds value and enhancement to your home. The only limit is your imagination….

It’s the wonderful lifestyle we all long for, a sparkling pool to enjoy with family and friends, the centre piece of an all-inclusive retreat designed with relaxation and recreation in mind. And what about the WOW Factor!

Using only the highest quality materials and finishes, Pools By Design’s have a stringent quality procedure to follow every aspect of design and construction to final handover. All design and works supervision is carried out by our own experienced staff; no outside contractors are used for this important process – this allows us to carefully control each step of the build, ensuring an excellent result that will give you many years of pleasure and greatly enhance the value of your property.

Is your block narrow or sloping, are there imposing loads from buildings or neighbouring structures that need to be considered?
That shouldn’t be a problem at all as a concrete pool provides flexibility in design and installation. With concrete pools, we are able to maximise the available space. Concrete pools can even be constructed from the edge of the house to the property boundary ensuring clever, practical use of tight and restricted areas.  Please have a look at our gallery of recent projects to get an idea of what can be done and how we can transform your property.

Our concrete pools are built from steel-reinforced concrete, meaning they can be constructed in any size and shape, on any site. Concrete pool construction boasts strength and stability superior to those of fibreglass and other types of shell. All construction details are engineer-designed, guaranteeing structural integrity and great durability.

Do you have a large block with a blank canvas?
Then let us help you design your own outdoor aquatic paradise with no limits, Create the WOW factor with exciting and unique features for your concrete swimming pool such as:

  • Cascading waterfalls and water features
  • Sunpods
  • Beach swim outs
  • Ponds and wading areas

Whatever your needs, Pools by Design will integrate seamlessly integrate a pool into your property to create an amazing centerpiece for you, all using environmentally friendly and responsible construction techniques. A concrete pool is a major investment and can add significant value to your home or property,  Pools by Design are the professionals you can rely on to transform your dreams into reality.

Just Add Water – and you!!