Have you heard about Hydrotherapy @ Home?

Pools By Design can assist you in constructing a pool with hydrotherapy jets, heating solutions and specialty access like ramps, hoists, handrails  – you name it!

Hydrotherapy is the term for warm water therapy for low-impact fitness and injury recovery. In water, you experience a feeling of weightlessness and freedom. By decreasing the amount of joint stress, it’s easier and less painful to exercise; and because it’s in your home, it’s convenient any time. Using your Pool for hydrotherapy, you can:

Increase flexibility and strengthen muscles
Alleviate the symptoms of many medical conditions
Improve balance and agility
Decrease joint swelling and reduce pain

Hydrotherapy is a proven rehabilitation technique for lower back pain, knee injuries, joint replacements, upper-extremity injuries, and other ailments. Hydrotherapy can also be used for neurological conditions, such as stroke and traumatic brain injury. The use of swim jets can add resistance to a wide range of exercises. Our specialty accessories for access are ideal for gait training, balance enhancement, and building confidence for people with mobility issues. Imagine your own personal therapy pool, a respite from pain and stiffness, set to the temperature you desire. Explore our complete line of products to find one that suits your budget and goals.



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Why Swimming Is The Best Exercise Ever

Finding the perfect exercise regimen can feel like its own workout. Running might be too uninteresting, Crossfit could be too intimidating, spinning classes may be too loud.

Enter this tried and true workout you may not have considered: swimming.

Sure, the exercise may seem like a hassle. You have to carve out a chunk of time in your day, find a pool and get your hair wet. But the benefits may be more worth it than you realize. According to the huffington post there are a few reasons you should give swimming a shot:

1. Water is calming.

Water has long been a symbol of renewal and clarity — and there’s research to back this up. Studies suggest being around the element has a powerful effect on the brain.

Spending time near water can be similar to meditation, in that it gives the brain a break from the constant overstimulation people often experience in modern life. The best part? You can reap these cognitive benefits by going for a swim and getting some exercise in the process. You could also give floating therapy a try.

2. Swimming is low impact.

Unlike jogging or plyometric training, swimming is a way to fit cardio into your workout routine without putting stress on your bones, joints and muscles. This is a plus for swimmers of all ages and body types, but it’s particularly beneficial for seniors and people with arthritis. It’s one of the best ways to stay active while taking care of all parts of your body.

3. It can bring you closer to nature.

If you’re lucky enough to live near the ocean or a lake, opting to swim in a natural body of water could be even better for your health. Studies show that spending time in nature can […]

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The Worlds Most Expensive Pools

For the designers of the world’s most expensive pools, money was certainly no object. From commercial pools worth billions, to multi-million dollar pools in some of the richest homes in the world, luxury to the extreme is a theme throughout. If you had the cash to flash, what would you design?


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