Swimming Pool Lighting

A swimming pool on your property is a statement feature, one which draws family and friends to relax, exercise and celebrate. Designing and installing a swimming pool lighting plan is a great way to keep your pool as attractive and inviting by night as it is by day. With the right pool and outdoor lighting, you can extend the enjoyment of a swimming pool, making the most of your investment and ensuring the safety of everyone on your property.

A swimming pool can turn ordinary light into something spectacular, as the ripples glimmer with illumination. Installing lighting fixtures inside the pool itself give the water an inviting glow and also increase visibility for those who are enjoying the water after the sun sets. LED lighting is available in a variety of shades including cool or warm white, red, blue, amber and green. Not only will underwater lighting increase visibility around your pool area, but can also create a festive or dramatic environment by changing the very colour of the water itself. Installing swimming pool lighting fixtures in a colour which complements your outdoor pool area and poolscaping can turn your pool into a focal point of your property.

If you have a water feature integrated into your pool design, lighting it correctly can dramatically affect the visual interest of the pool as a whole. They present a unique opportunity for outdoor lighting, and are a stunning focal point when they’re properly lit. Positioning outdoor lighting fixtures to illuminate the cascading water not only provides much-needed visibility for night time enjoyment of a pool area, but also highlight your feature adding to the ‘wow factor’ of your pool area. Even if the pool isn’t being used, lighting these water features in the right way can make them a visually entertaining aspect of your pool.

There is a staggering range of lighting options for swimming pool areas; Pools by Design will work with you to make sure that the lighting is right for you. We use trusted supplier Astral Pool in our swimming pool lighting, for a look at some of our pools lit up view our Gallery.

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