Frequently Asked Questions:

A: A Concrete Swimming Pool is bespoke, they are architecturally designed individual structures, unlike fibreglass pools which are mass produced, typically marketed and universally considered a budget product with a finite service life.

Due to the inherent structural and enduring strength of a structurally engineered concrete swimming pool, they offer unlimited flexibility with design and placement.

This strength also means that the pool will endure generations of fun and play. As well as shape and design you also have a large variety of unique and exotic internal finishes and surfaces to choose from, making your pool a “one off” personalised project.

A: There are very few situations that would inhibit the construction of a concrete swimming pool. With thoughtful design, planning and the correct engineering, concrete pools can be built right up the property boundary; they can also form the footings for a new house or other structure. This means that a concrete pool can maximise the available space and thus provide more space for you to enjoy.
A: This is a common occurrence and as such there are multiple solutions such as soil stabilisation treatments (commonly referred to as chemical or grout injection), shoring and piling that enable excavation and construction processes to occur without risk or damage to existing structures or personal injury to the public or construction operatives.
A: Provided you have a doorway to the pool area, we can excavate your pool. Machines are available that have retractable tracks for limited access and to remove the spoil from the pool area for carting away and ultimately disposal, good old fashioned wheelbarrows or in some circumstances conveyor systems will get the job done – No problem.
A: “The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of the deal” The old adage you get what you pay for, so often quoted is consistent throughout life and the pool industry is no different. Our philosophy is “It is easier to do a job right in the first place than to excuse why you didn’t”.

If a deal is too good to be true, it probably is! We are a professional company who employ professional staff therefore we may not be as cheap as the “one man band with a dog and a ute”. We do however offer solid underwritten protections and assurance to our clients, we hear regular horror stories regarding shoddy workmanship and new-start pool builders who often vanish once the shell payment is made.

If all you have is a mobile contact number and an email then you should seriously consider who you are contracting to, what happens when things go wrong? Pools cost tens of thousands of dollars, often the second biggest investment after the house itself – don’t risk losing it.

There are a surprising amount of “Phoenix” companies and operators within this industry.

Ask if they have ever been declared bankrupt, ask if they have ever owned or operated a different pool company?

Ask the proposed pool builder/s for referrals, ask if the impressive images on their flashy website are their actual pools, who does the work, how long they have been in business, what products do they use, are they SPASAWA members.

The swimming pool industry like many is presently unregulated in WA. To assist with consumer confidence and to provide advocate services SPASAWA, a not-for-profit industry association was established. In dealing with a SPASAWA member you are assured of a completion guarantee, plus all members agree to abide by a code of conduct and ethical standards and work within the framework of the Home Buildings Contract Regulations 1992.

A: Pools by Design as an established multi award winning business, have assembled a team of professional staff, people who care about your project. We have developed a solid reputation for delivering quality construction processes and after sales service. Our client testimonials are 100% authentic, our pool gallery contains real images of a sample selection of our impressive pool project portfolio.

We use only the highest quality products and services for your project and work closely with you to ensure your expectations are realised. We want your business, but we also want the opportunity of delivering pool solutions to your friends and family. The only way to get that is to ensure you are a satisfied and valued client .

We offer the complete swimming pool construction process from initial design, engineering and council development approvals through to delivering to you a high quality swimming pool zone for you and your family to enjoy.