Pools By Design can assist you in constructing a pool with hydrotherapy jets, heating solutions and specialty access like ramps, hoists, handrails  – you name it!

Hydrotherapy is the term for warm water therapy for low-impact fitness and injury recovery. In water, you experience a feeling of weightlessness and freedom. By decreasing the amount of joint stress, it’s easier and less painful to exercise; and because it’s in your home, it’s convenient any time. Using your Pool for hydrotherapy, you can:

  • Increase flexibility and strengthen muscles
  • Alleviate the symptoms of many medical conditions
  • Improve balance and agility
  • Decrease joint swelling and reduce pain

Hydrotherapy is a proven rehabilitation technique for lower back pain, knee injuries, joint replacements, upper-extremity injuries, and other ailments. Hydrotherapy can also be used for neurological conditions, such as stroke and traumatic brain injury. The use of swim jets can add resistance to a wide range of exercises. Our specialty accessories for access are ideal for gait training, balance enhancement, and building confidence for people with mobility issues. Imagine your own personal therapy pool, a respite from pain and stiffness, set to the temperature you desire. Explore our complete line of products to find one that suits your budget and goals.