Infinity Edge Pools Perth

Do you have a view over the ocean, river or valley and want to make the most of it? Vistas like these immediately provide an amazing backdrop to an infinity edge pool. Concrete infinity edge swimming pools  or vanishing pools blend seamlessly into the horizon creating an illusion that the pool has no edge, looking as if the pool goes on to infinity. This creates a stunning feature in your property as well as an impressive visual statement.

Infinity edge pools are great if you have a sloping site, check out our portfolio of infinity edge pools for just a small glimpse of what can be achieved when creating your pool.

A concrete infinity edge pool, if designed and constructed correctly can alleviate the fencing requirement providing an uninterrupted view whilst still providing compliant and responsible pool isolation.

Pools by Design are specialists in this area of concrete pool construction and have an excellent understanding of approach and design to maximise the potential of such locations.

To find out more information about infinity edge pools please speak to the team in our showroom or request a quote.