Now is the time to start planning for your pool installation this summer – planning ahead will mean you make the most of your investment and ensure you have a pool you can enjoy for many years to come.

Pools by Design have some tips for people looking at constructing a concrete pool this winter:

Poolscaping - Applecross

1. Location – The beauty of concrete pools is that they aren’t restricted to being located in your back garden; you have the freedom to design a pool for the front or even along the side of your property. When deciding on the location of your pool there are some points to consider:

Sun – Will the sun reach the pool and pool area or are nearby buildings obstructing it?
Shade – Are there any shady spots in your planned pool site to escape the sun if it gets too hot?
Vegetation – Are there any overhanging trees in the planned pool site? These can shed leaves directly into the pool.
Wind – Will a wind break be needed in the pool area or is it sheltered from strong winds?
Supervision – Can the planned pool be seen easy from other living areas of the home?Pool Plan



2. Depth – Depending on your intended use for your planned pool can affect your desired depth. If you want to use the pool as a lap pool it is best to have a depth of at least 1.2m to up to 1.8m at the deep end, if leisure is going to be the main use a shallow depth of 1.0 – 1.1m is suitable. Pools by Design can adjust the depth of your pool to meet your requirements.

3. Size – The school of thought for pool owners has changed in recent years from ‘Bigger is Better’ to installing a pool to fit your property and meet your needs. Smaller blocks will happily accommodate smaller pool and when designing a concrete pool; the shape can be adjusted to fit smaller or irregular sized spaces. As well as the space you have, another consideration is the type of activity expected in your pool. If you have children, their friends may be regular visitors to the pool and you will have to take their needs into account. How many friends and relatives will you be inviting for a dip, will you need to accommodate for large numbers in the pool meaning a larger size?

4. Heating – When you want to be swimming in your pool will have an effect on the type of heating that will work best. If you are wanting to use the pool on hot summer days solar heating is perfect, however if you want to be swimming laps all year round, electrical or gas heating may be the better option.


5. Landscaping – Designing the landscape or ‘poolscape’ of your pool area can have a dramatic effect on the overall feel. Whether you would like paving, decking or concreting around the pool needs to be considered as well as the types of plants surrounding the pool. Setting a pool under trees will not only lead to a pool full of leaves, but can block the sun to the pool resulting in a temperature of up to 4 degrees cooler. A carefully planned poolscape will mean less time spent on maintenance and more time enjoying your pool. Pools by Design can work with you to create the pool and poolscape of your dreams.

It is important to first discuss your pool preferences with your family to determine the type of pool you would all enjoy. From there, Pools by Design can work with you to design a pool that meets your exact needs, no matter the size shape or location. We can then begin constructing a pool that will provide you with many years of fun and enjoyment.

Speak to our team today to get your pool plans underway!