With blocks and gardens becoming smaller, it’s becoming harder to build what people consider a ‘conventional’ swimming pool. Never fear, the Plunge Pool is here to stay!

Plunge Pools prove that the biggest isn’t always the best. They can be just as impressive, even more so when you surround it with elegant landscaping landscaping and stunning visual features. Larger than a spa and smaller than a standard geometric pool, plunge pools are the perfect solution if you’re on a smaller or odd shaped property. Plunge pools are becoming very popular amongst suburban homes, many buyers opt to have plunge pools installed to enhance their back garden’s visual appeal whilst still having room for an alfresco area for entertaining family and friends.

Plunge Pools provide an ideal place to jump in, cool off and chill out with friends and family on those hot summer days. Not only this, with the installation of swim jets that create a constant current allow for a great space to exercise. The beauty of concrete plunge pools are that we can design them in just about any size or shape you can imagine – freeform, geometric, semi circular, a combination, with an infinity edge and the list goes on. Concrete plunge pools can be constructed on the house or running along a boundary, making optimum use of the available space.

Plunge pools are a great option if your looking at a cost-effective way of using your pool year-round. The compact size of the pool allows for quick, efficient heating which decreases running costs and gives the opportunity to use the pool in both winter and summer. An obvious benefit of a plunge pool is their low maintenance compared to a larger pool, which only adds to their appeal.

When thinking of your plunge pool design, installing features such as waterblades, acrylic panels, sun pods, deck jets and infinity edges can transform a traditional plunge pool into a stunning retreat in your own home! Here at Pools by Design, we pride ourselves in our design and creation of such visual features which can make all the difference to your pool.

The most important thing to remember about concrete plunge pools is: No matter the size or shape of your outdoor space, a plunge pool can be made to fit.

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