Our previous article highlighted some of the top trends for pool design for 2015, here’s a look at another four that we think can enhance the investment you are making in your home.

5. The Edge 2015 pool trends - infinity edge

This year has seen a dramatic increase in popularity in infinity edge pools. The sleek lines of water in transit make the design of an infinity edge a favourite in 2015. Making its first appearance years ago in luxury homes with huge panoramic views, today Pools by Design can create stunning infinity edge pools in much smaller spaces. Relaxing in your pool can become a completely difference experience in an infinity edge pool, being able to see the water blend into the view beyond is breathtaking and can make even the smallest spaces seem expansive.

Knife edge pools go one step further than the infinity edge, by having water flowing over all four edges of the pool your pool will mirror the sky creating a truly stunning visual in your property.


2015 pool trends - baja ledge

Image Courtesy of Ledge Lounger LLC

6. The Ledge

Baja or Tanning Ledges have continued to grow in popularity over the past few years. Submerged in up to a foot of water, the shallow depth means they are perfect for children to play in and launch inflatables from, or to lie out on a lounge chair and make the most of the beautiful Perth summers.

Inbuilt sun umbrellas and bubblers are a great addition to a Baja ledge and can create a beachy feel reminiscent of an incoming tide.



7. A Luxurious Finish to your Pool

2015 pool trends - beadcrete

Image Courtesy of Pebbletec

Crushed Quartz aggregate have been seen in pools and spas at luxury resorts for years, but more and more people are choosing this finish to add a shine or enhance the natural design of their

pools. A glass bead finish allows for your own customisation in terms of colour blend and size. Relatively low maintenance and the slip-proof texture have helped glass bead finishes gain a reputation for striking beauty and long-lasting durability.


8. Make a SpMyaree1lash with Moving Water

Nothing can enhance an outdoor space like the sound and sight of falling water. Creating an oasis like atmosphere, consumers are finding it easier to include spectacular water features into their pool designs.

Stunning fountains, cascading waterfalls, rain walls, badu jets, LED bubblers and multi-coloured laminar jets can transform your pool from a romantic retreat to a children’s water park at the switch of a button. Water features can make a pool uniquely you.


As we start creating our 2015 summer pools, we look forward to seeing the creativity in your property and how you use these trends. Show off your personality and style by working with Pools by Design to create your bespoke pool today!