For those of you who are planning on designing a pool this year, we are looking at some of the top design trends in the concrete swimming pool industry, and the pool design ideas that we feel take a pool from being a well-built beautifully detailed project, to a jaw dropping sending your friends and family into shock, stunning pool.

The 8 trends that we will be looking at in the next few articles have grown in popularity in 2015 and we can only expect to increase in the coming years.

1. Glass Tiling

Setting the standard for luxury pool design over the past year, incorporating glass tiles in your pool has become a growing trend amongst pool owners due to its depth of colour and durability. The myriad of options available in glass tiles is evolving; from dazzling gold to grey bloodstone the choices almost endless.

pool trends of 2015 - glass tiling - pools by design

2. Pool Bridges

A popular design in the 50s, the Pool Bridge is making its comeback. Incorporating a bridge into a modern pool design can link two pool areas or transform your pool from a pool only used when swimming to an integral part of your landscape. On top of this, pool bridges make a great jumping platform for children and adults alike!

pool trends of 2015 - pool bridges - pools by design

Image Courtesy of Pintrest


3. Pool Viewing Windows

When the pool is built as part of the house structure, a viewing window can provide a unique feel to an underwater room. Once a detail only available in high end hotels, pool windows have become increasingly popular and more affordable. Viewing panels are not only restricted to underwater rooms, elevated pools that face the landscape or pool area lend themselves to glass viewing panels. Amazing effects can be created with pool lights flooding through the glass windows, with bubbling water features further enhancing the visual design.

pool trends of 2015 - pools by design

4. Rigid Automatic Pool Covers

Even though rigid automatic pool covers have been around for a while, their popularity is expected to rise in 2015. Today’s research savvy consumers understand not only the obvious benefits of rigid automatic pool covers but also the hidden benefits of having one installed in their pools. Being able to conceal your pool cover can enhance the visual impact of your pool, but this is not the only benefit; the savings that you can make having a rigid automatic pool cover are dramatic, and include:

Time – keeping your pool covered when it’s not being used will reduce the amount of leaves and dirt getting in the pool, which in return reduces the amount of time you will spend cleaning your pool.
Energy – Pool covers act as a passive solar heater, capturing the suns heat and preventing evaporation. This keeps your pool warm when the air cools off at night or in the autumn, meaning your heating costs are reduced and swimming season is extended.
Money – By installing a pool cover you can save money on heating, cleaning etc. you can recoup up to 70% of your ongoing pool maintenance costs, which is a great return on your investment.

pool trends of 2015 - automatic pool covers -  pools by design

Image Courtesy of Remco