Concept – Design – Construction

Have you decided what your dream pool should look like, can you visualise how it will work in your unique environment?

Client’s can sometimes struggle with the visualisation of the project, it can seem hard to imagine how it will all look when its all finished.

Some salesman have the ability to sell the dream but  they fail to convey the element of what they may consider to be “the best pool design ever” vision to the client.

Some salesman fly by the seat of their pants and promise the world just to get the contract then leave others to pick up the pieces.

During the construction process the client can be left pondering what they have signed up for, doubt and dissolution quickly sets in.    The result – what should be an exciting time quickly becomes less dream, more nightmare.

Sound familiar….

Pools by Design have recruited high calibre staff and employ experienced trades to provide a professional and fresh approach to Concrete Swimming  Pool Construction.

The Concept Design phase of your pool project is crucial to understand what you would like and how we can make that a reality.

As part of designing your pool you will receive:

  1. Honest and professional consultation
  2. A 3D concept design with a walkthrough presentation video
  3. A detailed site plan for your approval
  4. Full CAD authored working drawings of your project for your approval including sectional views of the pool

Rest assured with Pools By Design you will understand and be able to visualise exactly what you are paying for.

Pools by Design – Let us create YOUR dream