Project Description

Our client’s brief was to create a lap pool that was suitable for both exercise and recreational swimming. The pool was constructed prior to the house build, allowing for the pool to be directly underneath and wrap around the alfresco, increasing the overall pool size and creating a stunning pool with limited space available.

The pool has been created with intriguing angles, creating swim outs for recreational swimming, whilst retaining is main function as a lap pool. Central to the alfresco, a wader was constructed to allow the clients young family to play and bask in the summer sun. From the alfresco out client and their family can look over to the water blade feature, a central focal point of the pool zone. Elegant seating areas and a cabana were constructed in distinct zones of the pool area, utilising what would otherwise be unused space.

Large format mosaic tiles were used for the waterline, giving a different depth of colour to traditional mosaics. Solar Heating ensures the pool is available for an extended swim season, meaning the client can maintain their active lifestyle from Spring to Autumn. Frameless glass fencing provides security and peace of mind to the client’s family whilst not detracting from the pool and feature.

Interior Finish – Hawaii Blue