Project Description

Located on an premium block overlooking the Port Coogee marina this impressive tri-level home demanded a pool and spa combination with attention to detail and a high end finish in what can only be described as the Epitome of Opulence.

Being such a prominent and beautiful feature, the pool has been designed to be visible from every living space. Expansive glass panels have been installed to guarantee the view is not inhibited from anywhere in the house. Utilising this to dramatic effect is the cheese and wine cellar, which shares a unique viewing window constructed within the pool wall.

Another remarkable element is the six person, fully-tiled spill-over spa, which is perfect for relaxing. Both the spa and the pool’s interior features an exotic blend of glass mosaic tiles laced with 24 carat gold leaf inlays, continuing the luxurious and contemporary colour palette used throughout the residence. A lane tile to the pool floor maintains your focus and line during lap swimming and multi coloured LED set the mood for evening swimming and relaxing pleasure.  For heating high efficiency evacuated tube solar panels and a gas spa booster ensure the pool and spa is always ready to enjoy.

Interior Finish – Pacific Blue

Winner in the SPASA WA Awards of Excellence 2015.