Stirling Water Feature

As part of a new home build and in conjunction with a separate plunge pool, the client wished to include a biological pond water feature to be constructed to not only be a stunning focal point in their garden, but throughout their home as well. Differing from traditional water features, this continues throughout the home with a glass floor acting as viewing window to the pond flowing beneath. At an overall depth of 1.3m, the outer edges of the pond were constructed at only 300mm deep to allow for a range of aquatic plants to grow as well as creatures that prefer shallow waters.

A tiered, natural rock water fall was constructed which the client can view from both the alfresco and inside the home. This waterfall not only acts as a dramatic feature, but allows for the use of a gravity filtration system. Located at the height of the waterfall the filter is pump fed and uses the waterfall to return filtered water back to the pond.

This water feature captures the essence of tranquility that our clients desired, whilst integrating the two areas of the home in an innovative and seamless way.

The Claremont


As part of extensive home renovations, we designed a geometric pool that would be a focal point and viewed from multiple areas within the home, whilst still integrating seamlessly with our client’s contemporary style.

A feature wall was constructed with a 1200mm water-blade creating a stunning feature deliberately centered to the family room window. 18sqms of individual natural stone cladding was meticulously applied to the feature wall which are in stark contrast to the black lappato 600x300mm waterline tile.

With a deep end exceeding 2.15m, the pool is the perfect fit for this client’s energetic family, allowing for long summer days spent jumping in and cooling off. A large capacity heat pump provides warm water for an extended season whilst an in-ground blanket box conceals the pool cover within an expanse of decorative honed aggregate.

Interior Finish – Pacific Blue

The Swan View


The dense bushland and natural setting lends itself to the freeform pool and water feature in this picturesque Swan View location.

A baja shelf was constructed to the entry point of the pool, the finished material paying homage to the pebbled beaches of Europe where our clients spent their childhoods. This also creates a dramatic focal point and further enhances the natural feel of the pool.

Utilising the giant boulders found on the property, a spectacular water feature was created. Each boulder had to be moved and stacked with expert precision to ensure that the water would cascade over the entire feature and into the main pool water body.

The attention to detail give the client not only a stunning pool area, but one that blends beautifully with the surrounding landscape. This pool provides the client with the perfect balance, being able to maintain their active lifestyle and providing a relaxing natural & inviting retreat, all without leaving home.

Interior Finish – Pacific Blue

Kardinya Water Feature

The client requested a full landscape package for this project; transforming their front entry and designing and constructing a statement water feature. Basing their own feature on the chase water
feature at the Marina Bay Sands in Singapore, the custom design pays homage that of Singapore, using porcelain tiles on both the wall and chase to stunning effect.

Ending the chase is a pond lined with deep red glass mosaic tiles which complement the three piers immersed in it. Designed to give the impression of a cityscape, the three piers were constructed at differing heights and wrapped in bronze mosaic tiles to give an air of luxury. Atop each pier is a stainless steel LED water bubbler, maintaining a constant flow of water throughout the water feature.

The Banjup

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Pools by Design tailored the ultimate in luxury outdoor living, this pool hits the mark perfectly complementing the full size basketball court, tennis court, gymnasium, sunroom and massive alfresco that this an amazing property boasts. It has been designed to be central to the home and to the homeowner’s lifestyle. Aesthetically, the pool contributes dramatically to the
overall resort theme of this property.

Featuring a swim up bar with custom stainless steel stools, mid pool piers incorporating LED bubblers, a 12m infinity edge and an extensive glass mosaic waterline and spillover wall this pool makes an impact. A cleverly concealed pool blanket system ensures evaporation is minimised when is use but invisible when retracted. A WiFi enabled control system provides functionality and accessibility from anywhere and everywhere.

Interior Finish – Pacific Blue

Winner in the SPASA WA Awards of Excellence 2015.

The Applecross II


The brief was to transform the original 5.4 x 2.3m pool, into an eighteen metre lap pool for the client and their family’s active lifestyle.

The pool was extended to sit between the house and boundary line. Maximising the available space, chemical grouting was employed to stabilise house footings, enabling us to construct against existing foundations. An extensive pool bench was created along the entire edge of the pool, to ensure the retaining wall was not compromised. The existing halogen lighting was replaced with niche LED lights throughout the pool. To ensure that the pool could be used all year round, which was important to the client, a heat pump & solar pool cover system was installed to guarantee a consistent warm temperature. Frameless glass fencing provides security and peace of mind to the client’s young family whilst not detracting from the pool and feature.

Interior Finish – Pacific Blue

The Melville

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Built on the side boundary of  a sloping block, this lap pool has been constructed partially out of ground, enabling the alfresco and surrounds to be at the same datum height making full & flowing use of an otherwise  awkward space. A full length high rise wall and water feature was constructed and clad to provide an attractive and functional screen.

A variable speed pump was employed to assist with reduced running costs and an chemical dosing system ensure the water is suitably balanced for swimming. The pool has a lane tile for swimming laps and an extended shallow ledge for the clients young family to enjoy. At night the pool and water feature’s LED lighting adds to the ambiance of this project.

Interior Finish – Hawaii Blue

The South Guildford

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This courtyard plunge pool reflects our clients opulent taste in finishes which is apparent throughout their home. High quality glass mosaics were selected to follow the theme through to the pool zone.  Installed prior to the house build allows for the pool and home to integrate seamlessly. A flooded sunpod was constructed allowing bathers to bask in shallow water. The bench provides access for servicing/cleaning the windows, but also has an air bubbler line installed as a fun feature for our client’s young family. LED’s  bask the pool in a deep blue hue, calming waves of reflective light dance throughout the living and outdoor space.

Pools by Design are proud to have been presented with the Gold award for this plunge pool at the 2014 SPASA WA Awards.

Interior Finish – Pacific Blue

Winner in the SPASA WA Awards of Excellence 2014.

The Baldivis II


The contemporary geometric pool has a stylish design wrapping around the existing alfresco piers and overlooking a landscaped lake. Finished in glass bead render, the glass spheres shimmer and sparkle with light and provide a non abrasive feel under foot. A stunning water feature was incorporated into the design featuring a glass art etched panel, complemented by LED side lights to illuminate the design. A small trough catches the cascading water, it then drains via hidden pipework to the main pool body.

Interior Finish – Pacific Glass Bead

The Cottesloe


This tropical geometric pool, with the creative use of decking brings a seamless transition between the pool and alfresco areas. The stunning water feature wall and integrated garden bed provides a spectacular focal point which the client can view from their alfresco, whilst also showcasing the flexibility of concrete pool construction. The decking houses a motorised pool blanket roller system for ease of installation and retrieval. A contemporary stainless steel ladder provides an alternate means of pool entry/exit. Mosaic tiling and turquoise quartz render provide an inviting effect.

Interior Finish – Turquoise