If you’re still on the fence about constructing your own dream pool with Pools by Design, here are 10 more reasons to get started!

  1. Put that lawnmower away!
    Unless your garden is really substantial, a pool coupled with the pool deck and landscaping can take up room in a backyard, leaving you with less mowing to do. Less mowing means more swimming!
  2. Teach your kids to swim at an early age
    Having a swimming lesson once a week is a great stepping stone, but imagine being able to help your children learn to swim every day. This can improve their ability by leaps and bounds.
  3. Have the Best Parties
    It is a known fact that the best parties involve swimming pools. The pool gives people something to do and being outside means there is no mess or spills inside your home. A swimming pool is just as attractive for an party involving young kids as it is for adults.

    swimming pool benefits - home value

    The Darlington – Geometric Pool

  4. A more elegant home
    Pools make a statement. With so many options available in concrete pool design and landscaping, your garden will add a special touch to the overall décor of the home.
  5. A more valuable home
    Concrete pools can also increase the value of a home and can make it easier to sell. Real estate agents say pools are able to increase the market for a home and allow a seller to ask for 5 to 10 percent more for the house.

    swimming pool benefits - swimming sport

    Image courtesy of rio2016.com

  6. Encourage the sport of swimming
    If your child’s dream is to become the next Michael Phelps, having a pool in the backyard can be a huge advantage. Even if they use another pool for lessons and training, there’s always time – and a place – to put in more work on stroke and technique.
  7. A reason to go outside For those teenagers who tend to stay inside their rooms, a swimming pool is a wonderful attraction to get them a little fresh air and sunshine. Only a few steps outside, time spent in a swimming pool isn’t too far from the sofa, but it still can encourage your family to get up and enjoy the outdoors.
  1. A healthier lifestyle
    Experts agree that swimming is a great exercise for people of all ages. The pool puts less pressure on the joints, making light swimming a form of exercise for many people who are older or dealing with limitations because of injuries. For those of you who want a more intense workout, isn’t swimming more fun than running?
  1. Don’t avoid those summer days
    Instead of hiding inside when the Perth summer reaches 40 degrees; a swimming pool is a great way to encourage normal outdoor activities. Of course, you want to remain hydrated and take in easy in extreme heat, but knowing there’s a pool to dive in when you get too hot is a huge plus.

    swimming pool benefits - summer days

    The Coogee – Geometric Pool

  2. Great family fun
    Last, but certainly not least a swimming pool is a great way to families to get together. A pool is available any time of the day, less than 10 metres from your home, that’s plenty of time for family members to swim, exercise, soak up the sun or just goof off.